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FIU Productions

FIU Productions

FIU started out as an event, but rapidly evolved into a production company, offering creative services in hands of the most young and talented minds from the city of Barcelona. The result: co-creation workshops, brand-oriented activities, communication campaigns, video production and editorial projects commissioned by brands who sought an innovative and fresh perspective. 


Some of the projects I worked on:


Co-Creation Workshops

Collaboration with brands such as Adobe, Woodys or Switzerland Tourism in order to create workshops that would let them have fresh perspectives on different kind of creative commissions.


Advertising Campaigns

Conceptualization and production of different advertising campaigns, taking care of activities such as live paintings for brands like Torres or Atrápalo. 

POWER branding

Communication Campaigns

Creation of groundbreaking communication campaigns for social-driven projects such as INNY or POWER.

FIUTicketing Desigual

Brand Positioning

Support to brands such as Desigual to aim for a younger market, helping to rejuvenate the firm's image as a part of a whole new strategy.


Video Production

Creation of all kind of video artwork, ranging from 3D videos to shooting productions, commissioned by brands such as TimeOut Barcelona and Torres.

FIUChallenge Desigual

Work Placement

Close collaboration with brands like Desigual and creative agencies like BeRepublic, with the aim of finding the right creative profile for emerging job opportunities or collaborations. 

My contribution as Creative Producer and Project Manager:


Ideation & Innovation

Talent Coordination



Project And Client Management